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People with names starting with M
Name Nationality Sorted AscendingDate
Media FileLydia MurphyAmerican (b. Canada)American (b. Canada), 1865-after 1910
Media FileCharles J. MurphyAmerican (b. Canada)American (b. Canada), 1884-after 1910
Media FileMay E. MurphyAmerican (b. Canada)American (b. Canada), 1890-after 1930
Media FileDominic McGillAmerican (b. England)American (b. England 1963)
Media FileEadweard J. MuybridgeAmerican (b. England)American (b. England) 1830-1904
Media FileThomas MannAmerican (b. Germany)American (b. Germany) 1875-1955
Media FileLudwig Mies van der RoheAmerican (b. Germany)American (b. Germany), 1886 - 1969
Media FileLaszlo Moholy-NagyAmericanAmerican (b. Hungary) 1895-1946
Media FileNickolas MurayAmerican (b. Hungary)American (b. Hungary), 1892-1965
Media FileGizella MunkacsiAmerican (b. Hungary)American (b. Hungary), 1900-after 1945