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People with names starting with M
Name Nationality Date
Media FileJim McQuaid  
Media FileSteve McQueenAmericanAmerican, 1930-1980
Media FileTerry McQueen 1959 - 1998
Media FileW. J. McQuistonAmericanAmerican, 1858-1918
Media FileJames J. P. McShaneAmericanAmerican, 1909 - 1968
Media FileJohn McWilliams  
Media FileRalph McWilliamsAmericanAmerican, b. ca. 1866
Media FileIvan MeŇ°trovic'Croatian and YugoslavCroatian and Yugoslav, 1883-1962
Media FileMargaret MeadAmericanAmerican, 1901 - 1978
Media FileEdna Mae Meade