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People with names starting with M
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileAnnie MahaffeyAmericanAmerican
Media FileArchibald MacLeishAmericanAmerican, 1892-1982
Media FileArchie MooreAmericanAmerican, 1913-1998
Media FileArthur L. MacBethAmerican 
Media FileArthur MacArthur IVAmerican, b. PhilippinesAmerican, b. Philippines 1938
Media FileArthur MillerAmericanAmerican, 1915-2005
Media FileAugustus MarshallAmericanAmerican, d. 1916
Media FileBarbara Marcus  
Media FileBarbara MorganAmericanAmerican, 1900-1992
Media FileBarbara Mullen