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People with names starting with M
Name Nationality Date
Media FileHenry MolyneuxEnglishEnglish, 1891-1974
Media FileJohn B. MonacoAmerican (b. Italy)American (b. Italy), 1856-1938
Media FileMonclova  
Media FileClaude MonetFrenchFrench, 1840 - 1926
Media FileJackie Monnier  
Media FileGeorge H. MonroeAmericanAmerican, 1851-1916
Media FileMarilyn MonroeAmericanAmerican, 1926-1962
Media FileMonsieur  
Media FileBlanche MontelFrenchFrench, 1902 - 1998
Media FileEtienne MontesFrench (b. Catalonia)French (b. Catalonia)