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People with names starting with M
Name Nationality Date
Media FileGerry MulliganAmericanAmerican, 1927-1996
Media FileMulti-Media International, L.L.C.  
Media FileWilliam H. MumlerAmericanAmerican, (b. Germany) 1832-1884
Media FileMünchner Illustrierte Presse  
Media FileMundo Gráfico  
Media FilePrince Mungo  
Media FilePaul MuniAmerican (b. Poland)American (b. Poland), 1895 - 1967
Media FileVik MunizAmericanAmerican (b. Brazil 1961)
Media FileAlice Munkacsi 1927-1939
Media FileGizella MunkacsiAmerican (b. Hungary)American (b. Hungary), 1900-after 1945