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People with names starting with M
Name Nationality Date
Media FileJohn Murphy  
Media FileLydia MurphyAmerican (b. Canada)American (b. Canada), 1865-after 1910
Media FileMay E. MurphyAmerican (b. Canada)American (b. Canada), 1890-after 1930
Media FileEdward R. MurrowAmericanAmerican, 1908-1965
Media FileGeorge MuseAmericanAmerican, died 1971
Media FileWillie MuseAmericanAmerican, died 2001
Media FileMusée CarnavaletFrench 
Media FileMusée de la modeFrenchFrench
Media FileMusée des Arts Décoratifs Paris  
Media FileMusée GrévinFrenchFrench, founded 1882