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People with names starting with N
Name Nationality Date
Media FileAnnalee NewmanAmerican (b. Palestine)American (b. Palestine), 1909 - 2000
Arnold Newman, October 23, 1985 by Michel AuerArnold NewmanAmericanAmerican, 1918-2006
Media FileBarnett NewmanAmericanAmerican, 1905-1970
Media FileJulie NewmarAmericanAmerican, b. 1933
Media FileNews & RecordAmerican 
Media FileNews JournalAmericanAmerican
Media FileNewsdayAmericanAmerican
Media FileNewsweek  
Media FileHelmut NewtonAustralian (b. Germany)Australian (b. Germany) 1920-2004
Media FileHuey P. NewtonAmericanAmerican, 1942-1989