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People with names starting with P
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileMelissa Ann PinneyAmericanAmerican, b. 1953
Media FileMichael Portis  
Media FileMichel Philippot  
Media FileMickey PallasAmericanAmerican, 1916-1997
Media FileMiguel Primo de RiveraSpanishSpanish, 1870 - 1930
Media FileMikhail Prekhner  
Media FileMimi PaulAmerican 
Media FileMinerva PiousAmericanAmerican, 1903-1979
Media FileMolly PiconAmericanAmerican, 1898 - 1992
Media FileNatalia Pavlovna PaleyRussian (b. France)Russian (b. France), 1905 - 1981