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People with names starting with P
Name Nationality Date
Media FileG. F. E. PearsallAmericanAmerican, 1841-after 1915
Media FileWilliam A. PeasleeAmericanAmerican, ca. 1826-?
Media FileGracie Peck  
Media FileGregory PeckAmericanAmerican, 1916-2003
Media FileGreta PeckAmerican (b. Finland)American (b. Finland), 1911 - 2008
Media FileCarlos Manuel PellecerGuatemalan 
Media FilePaolo PellegrinItalianItalian, b. 1964
Media FileP. L. PellerinAmericanAmerican, 1901 - 1978
Media FileMable Pendelton  
Media FileIrving PennAmericanAmerican, 1917-2009