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People with names starting with S
Name Nationality Date
Media FileN. ShestakovRussianRussian
Media FileShew  
Media FileAnnie ShieldsGermanGerman, 1863-1902/3
Media FileShadrach Archibald ShieldsAmericanAmerican, 1890-1924
Media FileWilliam Gordon ShieldsAmericanAmerican, 1883-1947
Media FileThomas ShilleaAmericanAmerican
Media FileKenichi ShimadaJapaneseJapanese
Media FileSergey ShimanskyUkranianUkranian, 1898-1972
Media FileShimpei TakedaJapaneseJapanese, b. 1982
Media FileJean ShinAmerican (b. South Korea)American (b. South Korea 1971)