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People with names starting with S
Name Nationality Sorted AscendingDate
Media FileLouis H. SolomonsonAmerican (b. Hungary)American (b. Hungary), ca. 1841 - 1888
Media FileCarmel Snow American (b. Ireland), 1887-1961
Media FileP. T. Sherlock American (b. Ireland), ca. 1824-1898
Media FileFrederick SommerAmerican (b. Italy)American (b. Italy), 1905-1999
Media FileBen ShahnAmerican (b. Lithuania)American (b. Lithuania) 1898-1969
Photograph by Philippe HalsmanEdward SteichenAmerican (b. Luxembourg)American (b. Luxembourg) 1879-1973
Elliot Erwitt
Portrait of David Seymour, ca. 1954
courtesy of MagnumChim (David Seymour)American (b. Poland)American (b. Poland) 1911-1956
Media FileAbraham ShpritzerAmerican (b. Poland)American (b. Poland), 1884 - 1976
Media FileHedda SterneAmerican (b. Romania)American (b. Romania 1916)
Media FileThomas ShpritzerAmerican (b. Russia)American (b. Russia), 1881 - 1975