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People with names starting with S
Name Nationality Date
Media FileKhamiladai Singh d. 2001
Media FileRoshawn Singh d. 2001
Media FileB. L. SingleyAmericanAmerican, 1864-1938
Media FileArt SinsabaughAmericanAmerican, 1924-1983
Self-portrait, 1953Aaron SiskindAmericanAmerican, 1903-1991
Media FileEdith SitwellBritishBritish, 1887-1964
Media FileOsbert SitwellBritishBritish, 1892 - 1969
Media FileRolf Sjogren ca. 1962
Media FileGeorge SkaddingAmerican 
Media FileRed SkeltonAmericanAmerican, 1913-1997