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People with names starting with S
Name Nationality Date
Media FileElder Lucy SmithAmericandied 1952
Media FileMamie SmithAmericanAmerican, 1883 - 1946
Media FileMichael A. SmithAmericanAmerican, b. 1942
Media FileMorris Smith  
Media FilePatti SmithAmericanAmerican, b. 1946
Media FileSeton SmithAmericanAmerican, b. 1955
Media FileStephen SmithAmericanAmerican, 1927 - 1990
Media FileSmith Studio  
Media FileTony SmithAmericanAmerican, 1912-1981
[W. Eugene Smith in his studio, photograph by Leslie Teicholz, ca. 1970-1971].W. Eugene SmithAmericanAmerican, 1918-1978