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People with names starting with S
Name Nationality Sorted AscendingDate
Media FilePaul SimonAmericanAmerican, b. 1941
Media FileHarry ShunkAmericanAmerican, b. 1942
Media FileMichael A. SmithAmericanAmerican, b. 1942
Media FileBarbra StreisandAmericanAmerican, b. 1942
Media FileJoel SternfeldAmericanAmerican, b. 1944
Media FileLucy SaroyanAmericanAmerican, b. 1946
Media FilePatti SmithAmericanAmerican, b. 1946
Media FileJefferey SilverthorneAmericanAmerican, b. 1946
Media FileEve SonnemanAmericanAmerican, b. 1946
Photograph by Stephen ShoreStephen ShoreAmericanAmerican, b. 1947