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People with names starting with T
Name Nationality Date
Media FileT. H. McAllisterAmerican 
Media FileMaurice TabardFrenchFrench, 1897-1984
Media FileIsaiah West TaberAmericanAmerican, 1830-1912
Media FileAthena TachaAmerican (b. Greece)American (b. Greece) b. 1936
Media FileDan Tachet  
Media FileEddie Tachet  
Media FileRobert A. TaftAmericanAmerican, 1889 - 1953
Media FileNaoto TajimaJapaneseJapanese, 1912 - 1990
Media FileGinger Brooks TakahashiAmericanAmerican, b. 1977
Media FileVera TalbotAmericanAmerican, 1891-after 1930