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People with names starting with V
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileAdam Clark VromanAmericanAmerican, 1856 - 1916
Media FileAl Vigal  
Media FileAlpert Maks VladimirovichRussianRussian, 1899 - 1980
Media FileAnn C. VanderbiltAmericanAmerican, born ca. 1931
Media FileAnnie VaccaroItalianItalian, b. 1888
Media FileArthur H. VandenbergAmericanAmerican, 1884 - 1951
Media FileBaby Victoria  
Media FileBaldur von ShirachGermanGerman, 1907-1974
Media FileBaron Wilhelm von GloedenGermanGerman, 1856-1931
Media FileBarry Von Below