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People with names starting with V
Name Nationality Date
Media FileJames ValentineScottishScottish, d. 1890
Media FileValentinoItalianItalian
Media FileRudolph Valentino  
Media FileFanny ValeroColombianColombian
Media FileRosa ValettiGermanGerman, 1878-1937
Media FileVampiraAmerican (b. Finland)American (b. Finland), 1922 - 2008
Peter van Agtmael at ICP Infinity Awards, 2011
Photograph by Jamal Countess, courtesy of Getty ImagesPeter van AgtmaelAmericanAmerican, b. 1981
Media FileCoosje van BruggenAmericanAmerican (b. Netherlands 1942)
Media FileWillard Van DykeAmericanAmerican, 1906-1986
Media FileEnrico Van LintItalianItalian, 1808 - 1884