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People with names starting with W
Name Nationality Date
Media FileEarl WarrenAmericanAmerican, 1891 - 1974
Media FileGeorge K. WarrenAmericanAmerican, 1824-1884
Media FileJoseph W. WarrenAmericanAmerican (ca. 1837-after 1880)
Media FileBooker T. WashingtonAmericanAmerican, 1856-1915
Media FileDinah WashingtonAmericanAmerican, 1924-1963
Media FileMrs. George Washington KavanaughAmericanAmerican, ca. 1867-1954
Media FileThe Washington PostAmerican 
Media FileEthel WatersAmericanAmerican, 1896-1977
Media FileWatertown Daily Times  
Media FileCarleton WatkinsAmericanAmerican, 1829 -1916